All Rise For Andrew

Somebody named Andrew wrote a letter to the editor of the Wilmington News-Journal yesterday, and I salute him, even though I’m jealous that he wrote what I wanted to say and wrote it much better than I would have had I gotten around to writing it. Anyway, here’s what he says:

block quote
I want to address what I consider the phony outrage over “taking a knee. No one was outraged when Tim Tebow did it in his short-lived football career. Fans treated that as an “act of respect.”

What’s the difference now?

How many viewers at home get out of their recliners and show respect during the anthem? ‘How many put down their beer cans and pretzels? ‘

In live broadcasts, I have seen people chewing tobacco or gum. I have seen them laughing and joking. I have seen fans getting up to go out to the concessions. No one at those concessions stand with their hands on their hearts.

In my opinion, the only issue I see is that Colin Kaepernick has dark skin.

In reality, dropping to a knee is an act of respect. People do it in church, people do it grave sites, people do it in prayer.

I am willing to be corrected, if need be, but I see more racist motives behind the outrage. I am not saying that everyone is, but I am very confident that most of it is.

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Well said, buddy. I’d also like to add that Tim Tebow, in a touching show of evangelical humility, tried to trademark his “taking a knee” gesture.
Jesus don’t like ugly.


One Response to “All Rise For Andrew”

  1. judylaq Says:

    This is so well said and so very true. Scary that a part of this country falls for the false patriotism that the leader has instigated for his own purpose.

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