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Good Clean Time-Wastin’ Fun

December 6, 2016

Because mental gymnastics helps to pass the idle moments, doesn’t contribute to your carbon footprint, doesn’t exploit anyone (at least not so they find out about it) and keeps you sharp into your old age. That last is what I’m told.
This is how you play the Ghostess’s Amazing and Amusing Title Change:
Take a title. It can be a song, a book, a movie, a TV show or a game. Add one word (the, a, an don’t count as a word so you can use them as needed; also and and but, I guess) and see how the whole concept of that book, song, movie, etc. can change dramatically and hilariously. Some of my very own examples:
“The Scarlet Letter Sweater.”
“Catch-22 Viruses.”
“Dog Ate the Bounty Hunter.”
“Polka Band of Brothers.” (Oom-pah, oom-pah!)
“Charlie and the Tainted Chocolate Factory.”
“Gone With the Wind Chimes.”
“Sesame Street Snacks.”
“The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon’s Gin.”