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Kitchen Korner

November 29, 2016

Who doesn’t love celery with peanut butter?
Actually, quite a lot of people don’t, so forget I asked. If you don’t love celery and peanut butter, just stop right here and go do something else. But if you do …
Try the Ghostess’s Labor- and Time-saving Kitchen Trick! It’s really quite simple, and it’s delicious and good for you too!
Rather than patiently spread peanut butter into the hollows of celery ribs, a task made difficult by the hollows’ narrowness and the fact that the ribs tend to want to skid around on the work surface, and the fact that peanut butter does not enjoy being spread in confined spaces, try this:
A peanut butter and celery sandwich! Spread the PB (I like crunchy best) on your bread of choice (my choice is white bread; so sue me) which is of course quite easy, and then lay on as much celery as you like. Cut or break the ribs to fit the size of the bread. Then schmear more PB on the other slice of bread (don’t be stingy) and put it all together. Press the top slice down firmly and the sandwich will hold together just fine.
There, aren’t you glad to know that?