Full of Beans

Coffee beans, that is. By now, everybody, their brother, their brother’s chiropractor and said chiropractor’s dog’s first cousin once removed by marriage who lives in Cleveland has heard of the Starbucks Conspiracy.
You know, the one that posits that Starbucks hates Jesus and Christmas and that’s why they don’t have Christmas-specific cups this year?
There is no Starbucks near where I live, but that doesn’t stop locals from foaming at the mouth like the head on a cappuccino. They are pitching grande venti hissy fits about it.
What does the Ghoestess have to say about the issue? So glad you asked!
To people who fancy themselves to be People of Faith: if your faith was truly secure, you wouldn’t feel so threatened by someone else’s lack of faith, or their lack of demonstration of that faith. You would not need to have your faith reenforced by the design of throwaway cups at some overpriced cafe. In fact, if you were so reverent about Christmas, you wouldn’t want the sacredness of that holiest of holidays cheapened even more than it already is by yet another billion-dollar corporation.
The Ghostess sez: Anybody who’d routinely pay $5 and up for a cup of coffee with strange flavorings added is just the type to get fixated on the disposable cup it comes in.


7 Responses to “Full of Beans”

  1. judylaq Says:

    Very well said, my friend. This should go viral!

    • ghostscribe Says:

      Thanks. Like there isn’t enough to worry about in the world.


      • judylaq Says:

        Well I mean -,The gun challenge, low pay for workers, immigrants, just to name a few – But, that’s on the bottom of the list – those cups are bringing the world down (snark) Here’s the cherry on the icing – Worry about Isis, yet let the “Kill the Gays’ preacher, preach to the Presidential candidates, as he preaches Hate and Kill (just like Isis).

      • ghostscribe Says:

        Remember Cindy Sheehan? Her son was killed in Iraq and she went on this one-woman crusade to stop the war and get George Dubya tried for war crimes or something. She complained that Americans were too interested in American Idol and the Superbowl and not interested enough in her cause. I guess it’s universal, isn’t it?


      • judylaq Says:

        Truth said! I wish others would see it that way. To get involved, at least by reading and knowing what’s going on. I truly believe if they could know what’s going on, they would vote. We’ll see this weekend in Louisiana. Dem may be ahead of the Repug – let’s hope. It mostly depends if New Orleans residents gets the vote out. They mostly vote Dem. Fingers crossed!

      • ghostscribe Says:

        I really wish there was a feature on voting machines like a No Confidence vote. You use it and your vote is registered as “I wish there was a way you all could lose.” lol As it is, I kind of vote while holding my nose.

      • judylaq Says:

        Isn’t that the only way to vote? lol

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