More Money Than Sense

Today’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Not So Bright family are the Chows, hailing from Hong Kong. Ciao, Chows!
Gerald and Lily Chow have high hopes for their two sons, like all parents. They want their boys to get into a good college. Again, good for them.
But what sets the Chows apart from most hopeful parents is their money. They have lots of it, and they are willing to go to no end of expense to see that their sons have the very best education possible. To that end, Mama and Papa Chow hired a rather shady fellow named Mark Zimmy, who, they claim, guaranteed their sons’ acceptance into an Ivy League school, preferably Harvard.
Talk is not necessarily cheap, and the Chows paid Zimmy a total of $2.2 million which they expected to be “donated” to Harvard. This, they thought, would be their sons’ ticket to the future.
It didn’t work. Harvard did not accept either Chow boy. The Chows are of course furious and are suing Mark Zimmy for fraud.
I have no idea what the laws are regarding this kind of thing, but since I don’t have millions of dollars to throw around like confetti I just have to rely on my own common sense and hope for the best. My common sense tells me that what the Chows attempted, with Zimmy’s help, was nothing short of bribery. Can they therefore claim fraud when they themselves tried to obtain something through fraudulent or at the very least unethical means? It might not have been illegal for them to offer to pay Harvard to admit their sons, but it is very definitely illegal for Harvard to agree to such a deal.
Kudos to Harvard for not falling for it. That kind of preferential treatment based on wealth should have died out with the practice of buying your way out of military service.
All of which goes to show, yet again, that money can buy all kinds of important and wonderful things, but it still can’t buy smarts.


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