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A Fatal Mis-Steak

September 12, 2012

Early Monday morning, John Cunningham and his uncle Lessie Lowe found themselves in a disagreement. What over, you ask? Money? Most family arguments are about money, to one degree or other. No. Cunningham and Lowe, 43 and 44, respectively, were at odds about pork.
Specifically, they couldn’t get together on the proper term for a specific cut of pork on hand. Cunningham said it was a pork steak; Lowe insisted it was a pork chop. Neither would give in, shut up and eat the pork, which surely by any name would taste as sweet. They continued to argue and it became physical. They were separated, but Cunningham retrieved a shotgun, came back and shot his uncle dead.
This happened in Jennings, Missouri, where apparently people really know their pork. The police spokesman who was quoted in the AP article made sure to mention that Cunningham was correct: the pork in question was indeed a steak.
I like being right too, but not quite enough to go to jail over it.