Uniformly Dumb

We all say we want our products made in the USA, right? But honestly, how easy is it to actually find products made in the USA? Not easy at all. So difficult, in fact, that when you do find a tag proclaiming “Made in the USA” on a shirt or a toy or whatever, your reaction is one of great surprise, often followed by great skepticism.
A few of our elected officials are up in arms over the fact that the US Olympics team uniforms, the ones meant to be worn for the opening ceremonies and designed by Ralph Lauren, were manufactured in China. Harry Reid thinks the uniforms should be put in a big pile and burned. Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner concur. In fact, members of both parties and both houses of Congress have written angry letters to the Olympic Committee protesting the use of the China-made uniforms.
This whole thing makes me tired. These uniforms are made in the same country as the vast majority of all clothing worn by Americans is made. In fact, if Senator Reid will lean over and show us the tag in the back of his expensive shirt, I am willing to bet money I don’t even have that the tag is going to say “Made in China.” If it doesn’t, it is sure to say “Made in Some Other Foreign Country, Probably by Preteens Working 14 Hours a Day for Peanuts.” Count on it.
Don’t get me wrong, I want to see American products being made in America, but that isn’t happening right now, and fancy uniforms made only for this year’s Olympics are not all that important in the grand scheme of things. Yes, jumping on them and calling for them to be burned draws attention, but it doesn’t really draw attention to the larger problem. It draws attention to congresspeople wearing foreign-made clothes.
And it’s a pity that such a silly “issue” as Olympic uniforms is the one that Democrats and the GOP have decided to unite over. No wonder the country is in trouble.
Side note 1: We aren’t the only country outsourcing all our manufacturing jobs. A couple years ago my aunt went to Mexico and brought me back a pretty sundress she bought there. The label read “Made in Vietnam.”
Side note 2: My father received a pair of blue jeans for Christmas that were labeled “Made in Lesotho.” He was highly aggravated not just because his Levis weren’t as American as they seemed, but also because he had never heard of Lesotho before. We looked it up. It’s a tiny mountain country buried inside South Africa.
Now you know.


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