Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

Seattle pool allows topless breast cancer survivor Seattle pool allows topless breast cancer survivor The Associated Press SEATTLE . SEATTLE (AP) The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department has reversed a decision by its aquatics manager and decided to allow a woman who had a double mastectomy to swim topless.

Parks Superintendent Christopher Williams says there’s nothing to alarm the public so the department decided to make an exception to its dress policy for public pools.

KOMO-TV reports (http://is.gd/Uzz7Mv ) Jodi Jaecks (Jayks) wanted to swim at the city’s Medgar Evers Pool to help recover her strength after she had chemotherapy for breast cancer and had both breasts surgically removed.

She couldn’t find a swimsuit with a comfortable top and asked to swim topless. Managers told her no until her story was published in The Stranger weekly newspaper.

Jaecks says cancer patients shouldn’t be made to feel self-conscious by asking special permission.

Oh, but it’s a-okay to feel special because you’re the only woman at the pool who’s swimming without her top, right? It’s a whole nother story when you get your own way, isn’t it?
And is she going to feel less self-conscious not only being the only topless female at the pool but also sporting her double-mastectomy scars than she would feel about maybe wearing an undershirt in the water? Lots of people do that, you know, to keep from getting sunburned.

Methinks Ms. Jaecks has gotten over her cancer and has acquired a new and much more insidious malady. It’s called “I’m So Specialitis.”


2 Responses to “Want Some Cheese With That Whine?”

  1. judylaq Says:

    Or the “Poor Me Syndrome”.

    • ghostscribe Says:

      Only lab work can tell the difference. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making light of cancer in any way; my grandmother died of breast cancer at the age of 46, when I was 5. It’s just this woman’s apparent assumption that somehow her cancer has put her above the normal little niceties that the rest of us adhere to without feeling like we’re being put upon that gets me.

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