Snakes Alive!

On Sunday afternoon, a West Virginia minister with the euphonious name of Mark Mack Wolford suffered a bite from his timber rattlesnake, Sheba, during a snake-handling church service. He didn’t appear in the emergency room until several hours later, and by then it was too late; the bite was fatal.
Snake handling is still practiced in small churches in parts of the south. Those who indulge in it point to a Biblical passage wherein Jesus says that those who are saved will “take up serpents.”
(There is also a Biblical passage that says you are not supposed to test God’s patience and powers, but I guess the snake handlers didn’t read that one.)
A woman named Kate Fowler is working on a documentary about snake-handling, and she interviewed Mark Mack Wolford as part of her research. He told her that he expected to die by snakebite one day.
But wait a minute! I thought he was saved already and could thus do as he pleased with the slithery critters! Seems to me that deep down he didn’t have quite as much faith as he wanted to believe he did, and wanted others to believe he did.


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  1. judylaq Says:

    What happened to the snake ugh?

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