Sharon Share Alike

Woman who tossed $1M lotto ticket wants money Woman who tossed $1M lotto ticket wants money The Associated Press SEARCY, Ark. . SEARCY, Ark. (AP) Attorneys for an Arkansas woman who threw away a winning lottery ticket worth $1 million say another woman who plucked the ticket out of the trash and claimed the jackpot should turn the money over to the court.

Sharon Duncan’s lawyers filed their formal request Monday after a judge ruled this month that the money belongs to her, not Sharon Jones, who picked the ticket out of the trash.

Duncan’s lawyers also said any vehicles or property purchased with the prize money should be seized and impounded.

Jones has said she bought a new pickup truck and gave her kids some of the $680,000 in prize money they received after taxes.

One of her lawyers says Duncan’s request was filed too soon. Duncan’s lawyer didn’t return a call seeking comment.

Seems pretty clear to me: once you throw something in the trash, it’s assumed you’re done with it, and it’s up to the other person’s conscience to decide to return it to you.
Even the police, bound as they are by rules and regulations and restrictions almost without number, are legally allowed to seize evidence from garbage without a warrant.
I think “finders keepers, losers weepers” applies here. I mean, I’d be upset if I realized I’d thrown out a lottery ticket that turned out to be a winner, but that’s just too bad. Sadder but wiser.
I would really like to know, though, how Sharon Jones came to pick a ticket out of Sharon Duncan’s trash? Is she some crazy lady who creeps around the neighborhood at night going through people’s trash cans? Regardless, always always always make very sure you know where your lottery tickets are at all times.


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