News You Can’t Really Use

They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And they’d be right too, most times, especially when it’s *too* little information, or the wrong info.
Ghostess, Ghostess, what’s gotten into you? Where’d this rant come from?
I saw it on the news, our local news to be exact.
The other night they ran a story about a bank robbery, and asked for the public’s help identifying and catching the robber. They said, in tones filled with delighted urgency, (that station really loves a Big Story) “If you recognized the person in this disguise, please call…”
They then helpfully flashed a picture. It was a good picture, a great one, in fact. Clear, recognizable, accurate and beautifully detailed.
It was a picture of the outside of the bank building.
I know that sometimes bank robbers get creative with their disguises, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of one disguising himself as a bank building.
Seriously, wouldn’t that be cool? Any bank worth its salt would take one look, recognize one of its own, and simply assume this was just a new wrinkle in the “bank-to-bank” transfer field! No need to use a computer, no need for armored cars! The bank just comes to the other bank and gets the money directly.
How cool is that?


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