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What Are the Chances?

November 7, 2011

By now everybody (not just football fans) has heard about the trouble that one Jerry Sandusky is involved in. Thumnail synopsis: Sandusky was, until recently, defensive coordinator for the Penn State football team. He now faces a boatload of charges relating to inappropriate contact with underage boys. Two other Penn State officials face perjury charges in connection with the same case.
And now a one of those barely believable coincidences you’re warned so strongly about trying to use when writing a mystery story: the Baltimore Ravens radio announcer and a sportscaster on Baltimore’s Channel 11 is named Gerry Sandusky. Yes, he really is!
What are the odds of two people with the exact same uncommon surname and almost the same first name both being involved so heavily in football? And I looked up Jerry on Wikipedia, and it appears that it’s only by purest chance he isn’t Gerry also, because his full first name is Gerald!
Gerry Sandusky addressed the problem during last night’s game. “I’m going to address this once and then move on: I’m Gerry with a G! I am not the same one.”
The poor man must have been getting a ton of hate mail and two tons of tasteless jokes all week.
I wouldn’t be in his shoes for anything.
It wouldn’t be so bad if their names were, oh, say… Mike Davis or Tom Wilson. But noooo…
So mind your p’s and q’s, and also mind your g’s and j’s, lest you find yourself on the wrong end of a nasty lawsuit.