Bad Dog!

A Colorado sheriff has a bone to pick with Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, star of television show Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey said Chapman excessively pepper sprayed 29-year-old fugitive Andrew Distel during a scuffle and then took him into the sheriff’s office on Wednesday without decontaminating the man first.
Hilkey says that put his staffers and the public in danger, while Chapman stayed outside ‘prancing back and forth waving his golden locks for the camera’ in what he called ‘profit-driven peacockery.
Hilkey wrote in a blog posting: ‘While Dog stayed outside, shirtless and sweaty, prancing back and forth waving his golden locks for the camera, his team brought this freshly pepper-sprayed fellow into the enclosed space of the Sheriff’s Office lobby with other citizens present.
‘They also brought him in injured.’
Hilkey said arrestees who have been chemically sprayed must be de-contaminated and medically cleared before they are booked into the jail, ‘especially (for) injuries that are inflicted by a non-governmental employee subject to no policy or use of policy restrictions.’
Distel was wanted on failure-to-appear warrants on drug possession charges, sheriff’s spokeswoman Heather Benjamin said.

Some people become inarticulate, even incoherent, when they’re mad. Others become bitingly eloquent. Sheriff Hilkey appears to fall into this latter category. “Profit-driven peacockery” is my new favorite phrase. It’s on a par with “nattering nabobs of negativism.” Really, it deserves more use, especially as election time draws nearer.
“shirtless and sweaty, prancing back and forth waving his golden locks for the camera.” Great. All we’re missing here is a little air guitar to make this a typical eighties hair-metal video. How very mature and professional, Goldilocks. Now go bother the Three Bears.


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