Ring Around the U-bend

Be kind to your local sewer worker; you never know what he might find for you:

Man gets class ring back after 72 years. VALLEJO, Calif., May 24 (UPI) –. A California man said he was overjoyed when a sewer worker discovered the class ring he dropped down a toilet 72 years ago. Jesse Mattos, 90, of Vallejo, said he dropped his Dunsmuir High School ring in a toilet in a Northern California butcher shop when he was 18 and never expected to see the item again, the Oakland (Calif.) Tribune reported Monday. Mattos said he never thought anything about it until he recently learned Tony Congi, a Dunsmuir city worker, discovered the ring in March while performing maintenance on a sewer. Congi said he used the year on the ring, 1938, and the initials J.T.M. To track the ring back to Mattos, whom he located with the help of a classmate of Mattos’ who still lives in town. Mattos said he was overjoyed to hear about the ring, which was found just days after the death of his wife. Something like this ring thing was a real booster for me, Mattos said. Congi returned the ring to Mattos at Easter. I felt like I was a lot younger again, Mattos said. .

What a nice story. I’m betting he’d hardly even thought of that lost ring for years, and then to have it returned to him so soon after his wife die…
This started me thinking about class rings in general. I have one for high school and one for college. I know where the college ring is but have not seen the high school ring for years. I’m reasonably sure it didn’t get flushed down any toilets, though. For one thing, I made sure when I ordered it that the fit would be good and tight so it wouldn’t slip off. I really hate rings (and watches) that are loose and slide around. But where can it be now?
For that matter, who wears their high school rings long after graduation? It would be interesting to do a survey on that. The few people I’ve checked with so far either never wanted class rings or quit wearing them fairly soon.
Maybe it’s because of the ring’s usual design: thick, heavy and chunky. Or maybe people who keep on wearing their high school rings for a long time are the same kind of people you meet at reunions who still think they are King of the Jocks or Queen of the Cheerleaders. Hmmm. Class Rings As Manifestations of Delayed Maturation/Extended Adolescence? I’d better get a grant for that research project.


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