Flower Power

A while back I posted about one of my favorite Christmas presents, an Aero Garden. Well, it’s been planted for just over a month now and I have much progress to report.
“Wait, what’s an Aero Garden?” asks the puzzled listener in the balcony.
The Aero Garden grows specially designed “seed pods” for flowers, herbs or vegetables, and it grows them in aerated water to which you add special nutrient pellets every time the little light goes on to remind you. There’s a set of growing lights over the top, and there’s space for six plants. It’s really pretty amazing. Imagine, being able to grow tomatoes indoors, in any season!
The seed pods I got for Christmas were billed as “Incredible Edibles,” which I assumed meant vegetables or herbs. Only when I opened the package to “plant” the pods did I learn that they are edible flowers. I have two marigolds, a dianthus, a lavender viola, a yellow snapdragon and a calendula. According to what I’ve read, all thoatese flowers can be used as garnishes. Calendulas are also used in skin creams for cuts and bruises.
Ghostess, Ghostess, quite the mostest, how does your Aero Garden grow?
Very nicely, thank you. All the plants are up, and down in the bubbling water roots are readily apparent. The marigolds are the most hardy, not to say aggressive, ones. One marigold in particular has really taken off. It was the first one up and is now the largest of all the plants. The poor lavender viola right next to it was last to sprout and is hardly more than a wisp of green. IT kept stupidly trying to push up under the edge of its little opening, where it couldn’t get much light. It had to be adjusted several times. And now the Mammoth marigold from the Flower Shoppe Primeval is looming over it, shading the frail sprout with its own lush foliage. If plants were like people, that marigold would be the big overgrown kid who always dominates all the playground games and plays them so well and so competitively that the other, more normal-sized kids, give up and hang out by the jungle gym.
And I like to think my viola is like the meek, spindly kid who plods along, always in last place, always the one to trip and fall, always getting picked last for the team, but who eventually turns out to be twice as smart as his classmates, most of whom find themselves working for him.
You hang in there, viola. Don’t let that marigold steal your thunder.


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