A Real Shocker!

I ran across this on a trivia website recently, and I really got a charge out of it.

In ancient Egypt, doctors used jolts from the electric catfish to reduce the pain of arthritis.

I’ve always been fascinated with ancient Egypt, and intrigued by the many ways they were “ahead of their time.” Those pyramids, built by manpower alone and with precise mathematical calculations! Their elaborate funerary rites and lavish tombs! Their innovative medical work!
All those thousands of years ago, Egyptian doctors knew that electric shocks can work for pain management. They may not have understood precisely how the shocks confused nerves into not transmitting pain sensations, but when you get right down to it, does it really matter exactly how something stops your joints from hurting?
Here in the “civilized” world, (we can argue about *that* some other time) it’s only been fairly recently that doctors started using electric shocks (self-administered by a patient using a device implanted in the spine) to control pain. I wonder if perhaps we shouldn’t take a closer look at some of the “archaic” methods of medicine. We might just learn (relearn?) a few things.
A postscript: Isn’t The Electric Catfish a fabulous name for a restaurant? Think about it! Psychedelic décor, lots of sixties-type music, wait-staff in groovy, far-out costumes, and delicious All-U-Can-Eat catfish accompanied by plenty of hushpuppies. (That’s my main gripe with places that serve hushpuppies; They are downright stingy with the little deep-fried delights.)
Hey, maybe the Electric Catfish could offer two tanks: one from which you select your dinner, and the other, much larger, which will house the electric variety, and in which customers, for a fee, can immerse themselves to cure their rheumatism!
I smell a business opportunity here, don’t you? And it smells like…fried catfish!


4 Responses to “A Real Shocker!”

  1. Antoine Says:

    (to the tune of Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow”)

    I’m just mad about catfish
    Catfish mad about me
    I’m-a just mad about catfish
    Catfish mad about me
    They call it fried catfish
    (Quite rightly)
    etc. etc.

    • ghostscribe Says:

      Not bad. Let’s call up Long John Silver or Red Lobster and have them do a catfish special, with your tune as the music for the commercials.

      • Antoine Says:

        Mr D. Leitch might not approve. Of not only that, but a “Sunshine Superman” re-write:

        Catfish came slowly
        Through my window today
        Could have had salami but I
        I’ve changed my ways.

      • ghostscribe Says:

        If a catfish came in my window, I’d disapprove too. I’d also expect Jimmy Hoffa to follow the catfih, since if it came in the window I must be living on the bottom of some muddy river.

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