Being Shamelessly Materialistic…But Just For One Day

Hello again, loyal readers! On this day after Christmas, (or as our British friends call it, Boxing Day) I would like to take this opportunity to say I hope your holiday, whichever one you choose to celebrate, however you choose to celebrate it, was as special as any holiday should be.
I think, whether we, as adults, acknowledge it or not, we all have at least one gift every year that we would consider our favorite gift. It might be a favorite because it was something we had been coveting all year, stopping to drool over it everytime we saw it in the store. Or it might earn the Favorite title because it was totally out of the blue, completely unexpected. You never gave it a thought, but lo and behold somebody has given it to you as a present, and it’s just so right, so perfect,, so YOU, that you wonder how on earth you managed without it for so long.
This year, I have a favorite big present and a favorite little present. My favorite big present is one of those indoor gardens, the kind you can use to grow herbs or vegetables all year round. I had wanted one of those very much at one point, probably during a cold, late spring when I was impatient to get my seeds planted. But I had mostly forgotten about that want till I opened up the box yesterday. Whoopee! Perfect for me!
My favorite little present came from my brother. He gave me something known as Bucky Balls. You know those toys that have a plastic case with a magnet inside it and a bunch of tiny metal balls on top that you move around over the case? God help you if you should, by some mischance, knock a handful of the tiny balls off the case. They are a terrible nuisance to pick up, even assuming you can find all of them.
Bucky Balls are different. They’re small metal balls too, but they themselves are magnetic, and the force of their magnetism is quite strong. This means they don’t go rolling around on you, and you can sit with the whole 216 balls in your hand and not worry about losing a single one of them as long as you are even just Minimally careful. You can make bracelets or necklaces, and the magnetism is strong enough that you can actually wear them. Or you can just sit and fiddle, forming all sorts of interesting shapes. The only shape I can’t seem to get them to make is the original cube they came in. There has got to be a way, but I haven’t found it yet.
Go here
to learn more about these amazing little widgets.
Now, walk along with me for a wee while, as we visit a few of the Ghostess’s Christmas Pasts, and see a few of my other favorite presents.

Christmas 1979, or maybe 1980: The play kitchen. Compared to the ones available now, this was pretty minimalist, and the fake food was hilariously unrealistic-looking. Who ever heard of a blue carrot, I ask you?! A flat carrot too, as if stamped with a press, with “CARROT” embossed on it? But I sure had a lot of fun with my very own kitchen. Even back then I was quite domesticated.
Christmas 1984: The Talk n Play. I think that’s what it was called. It was basically a tape player that played special cassettes. You would listen to the cassette, following along in the book if you wanted to, and at certain times during the story or game, you would get to choose what would happen next by pressing one of four colored buttons. Doesn’t sound all that special now, but I imagine it was cutting-edge back then.
Christmas 1987: An electric typewriter. Probably my first truly adult present. Never underestimate the importance of knowing how to type! Just think how gross this very blog would be if I hadn’t become a good typist early on.
Christmas 1992: The bread machine. We had loaves of fun with this. I was the only person I knew who not only baked bread from scratch, but also had a machine that did all the work for me. (Does that mean it wasn’t from scratch after all? Uh oh.) Regardless, there is nothing that tastes as good as a hot slice of fresh bread dripping with butter. Sad to say, there’s also nothing that will put weight on you quite so fast either, but it was a fairly small price to pay for such pleasure.
Christmas 2008: The peridot earrings. My favorite shade of green, and I don’t know anybody else who has any kind of jewelry with peridots. I don’t even know anybody with an August birthday who has peridots, and they’re the August birthstone.
Stay tuned! Next year I’ll share another favorite or two!


4 Responses to “Being Shamelessly Materialistic…But Just For One Day”

  1. Walt Says:

    Okay . . . .just an idea. . .I know nothing about Bucky Balls but you did say there are 216 of them in a cube . . . . so that would mean the dimensions would be 6 x 6 x 6 . . . can you lay them out into 6 sheets of 6 by 6 then stack them on top of each other. . . not sure of the polarity of the balls . . . hope it works!

    • ghostscribe Says:

      Oh, but you know it could never be as easy and simple as that! ALL the balls’ polarities have to be aligned, if just one ball is wrong it can throw the whole arrangement into a cocked hat, or rather, a cockeyed hat. But I shall not give up!

  2. Ellen Says:

    I could so relate to this blog. And I think that giving the right gift is just as gratifying as receiving it. My nephew should feel good about his gift to me, it was perfect! And today is the perfect day to wear this big thick wooly sweater. As you grow up and move from one place to another you purge your inventory of ‘stuff’ and having said that, my favorite gift from my childhood must be the purple vinyl overnight bag from my father. Not my mother and father, but from my father. The retro look is so cool these days, and after close to 40 years, it still looks brand new! My favorite!

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