Requiem for Lost Websites

Yes, I’m up very late. I blame the tasty gingerbread latte I had from Barnes and Noble earlier this evening.
I want to take this opportunity to lament the apparent passing of a few websites that I really enjoyed but that have seemingly been abandoned.
BVitamin Q This was a wonderful site filled with all kinds of trivia, all in lists. I especially liked this site because many of the lists dealt with favorite subjects of mine: food and words. Luckily the site’s archive is still online, and it comprises several years’ worth of postings. The site was eventually changed to:
Infowisps: This one only lasted a couple months and was then abandoned. No explanation given. I have e-mailed Roddy Lumsden, the creator of both VitaminQ and Infowisps, but have never gotten a reply. Roddy, if you happen to read this, I miss you and your fun facts. Come back to us.
Blaque’s Dungeon: This was a Yahoo-based site, also called Blaque’s True Crime Dungeon, I think. I discovered this in 2001 or 2002 and, as in the case of the two sites mentioned above, fell instantly in love with it. It was a collection of current news articles on, you guessed it, true crime, leaning toward the bizarre and sordid, crimes which didn’t make headlines otherwise. Exactly my cup of tea. Sadly, a couple years later, the site shut down without warning, taking its archives with it. I looked everywhere but could never find it again.
This particular story has a somewhat happy ending. Just a couple months ago, my excellent friend Anthony, who enjoys that kind of news as much as I do, and who is also a much more patient researcher than I am, managed to track down the Blaque’s Dungeon creator, a guy calling himself Jonathan Blaque. (I have no idea if that’s his real name or not.) Mr. Blaque has a Livejournal site that is sort of similar to what he did before on Yahoo. However, I don’t like LJ sites because there is just way too much junk on the page and it is a nuisance to try and navigate, unlike WordPress. Also, the Blaque’s new page is much more political than his old one, and frankly, if I wanted to hear that kind of ranting, I’d tune into some AM all-talk radio station. I wish Blaque had left the archives of his old site available instead of just wiping them away to wherever it is that dead websites go.
All right, the caffeine rush is winding down finally, so I’ll sign off till next time. Don’t worry, I have no plans to go the way of these three websites. I will be back!


2 Responses to “Requiem for Lost Websites”

  1. jean Says:

    its kind of like having your pet run away, huh? Maybe not as bad but still hurts

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