Are You a Librocubicularist?

Now, now, don’t get defensive! I’m not accusing you of some heinous or even distasteful activity. In fact, I’ll freely confess here and now, before God and everybody, that I am a lifelong and unrepentant librocubicularist myself!
In plain English, I like to read in bed.
I’m a writer (and reader, (in bed and out of it) and words are a writer’s raw materials. The more words you know, the more options you have when it comes to expressing yourself, and the more precise you can be.
I’m not suggesting that a writer use a ten-dollar word where a fifty-cent one will suffice. Far from it. We’ve all read (and listened to) people who do that, and at best it’s comical; at worst it’s irritating and pretentious. For that reason, I seriously doubt I would ever use “librocubicularist” for anything other than comic effect.
I do enjoy learning words like that, even if I never find an opportunity to use them. I like words in much the same way I like “useless” trivia and unusual names. You might say I collect such things, and it’s a collection that costs me nothing, takes up no room in my house, and never needs to be dusted.
Here are some words that have caught my fancy of late. I’ll be making a new page for words and will add to it whenever I find new ones, so if you know any good ones, send them along.

Bezoar: Originally this was a stone-like thing found in the stomach of an East Indian goat, believed to have magical properties. It was highly sought-after by magicians and healers. It also refers to swallowed hair that forms a mass in the stomach of a human. Seen frequently in patients with mental problems, and can be fatal.
Paraselene: A false moon or moons seen near the real moon, caused by reflection. It’s sometimes quite dramatic, with the false moons having halos tinted with the colors of the prism.
Omphaloskepsis: A popular pastime. It means “navel-gazing” or excessive self-analysis.
Sesquipedalian: IT literally means “fifty-footed” but usually refers to a very long word. Like “librocubicularist.”
Nacreous: Means pearly. Nacre is another word for mother-of-pearl. Incidentally, mother-of-pearl is the inside lining of a pearl-bearing shell.
Liripoop: The tassel on a graduation cap. Who’d’ve thought it even had a special name?
Defenestration: The act of throwing (usually a person) through a window.


5 Responses to “Are You a Librocubicularist?”

  1. Antoine Says:

    A murder of crows, a gaggle of geese….and a laze of librocubicularists.

    • ghostscribe Says:

      And even an exultation of larks, and a murmuration of starlings. Probably the person who came up with that last one had never actually been near starlings. They are very noisy and obnoxious birds.

  2. jean Says:

    You certainly are playing loose and fast with your words today! YOu make it sound so

  3. Gyda Sigurdardottir Says:

    Yes I am! and proud of it!!!!! For me it is the best place to read my books. Is something wrong with that? I feel fine!

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