At the front of many books, you find the “acknowledgements” page, where the author mentions and thanks all the people who’ve helped him with the book, in one way or another. You can do all sorts of things that might land you a spot on the acknowledgements page. You can be a great editor, a talented publicist, a first-rate researcher. Or you can be a friendly forensic pathologist who took the time to explain the ins and outs of rigor mortis so that hot new crime thriller has all the details right. You could be Joe the mechanic who makes sure the poor automotively-challenged author doesn’t make a fool of himself over solenoids, which, truth to tell, said author had thought had something to do with the nose.
Or you might not even realize that you did anything worthy of being mentioned in an actual, by-God book! That is going to be published! And read! By millions of people!
You could earn a spot on that thank-you page because you’re a patient husband who never complained about taking up the slack around the house while your wife raced to finish that romance novel. Maybe you’re an understanding wife who convincingly pretended to enjoy spending her weekends at Civil War re-enactments while Hubby gathered information for his collection of historical vignettes. Or perhaps you’re just a kid who was a good sport about eating all that Mongolian food that your parents fixed in the process of compiling their mammoth “Gobi Grub” cookbook.
Or perhaps you’re simply a friend who insisted (possibly with bribes, guilt trips and threats of bodily harm) that the author turn the computer off or put away the pencil and get up and do something, anything, and the author went, reluctantly, but came back to the grind refreshed and newly inspired and all the better for the enforced break.
What all this is leading up to is, my very own acknowledgements page. I just want to take the opportunity on this Thanksgiving Day to give a few shout-outs (or is it shouts-out?) to some people who have helped me get this website going. If you don’t see yourself mentioned here, know that you are still appreciated and that this will not be the only acknowledgements post I make.
First of all, I thank my family, as always, for their undying support.
To Jenn, who encouraged me right at the beginning that this was indeed something I could do.
To Brian, who held my hand and coaxed me along when I felt a bit overwhelmed by it all.
To Stacey, who put me in touch with Brian. If anybody ever illustrates the importance of keeping one’s eyes and ears open, Stacey does.
And to Anthony, for being an enthustiastic cheerleader, thoughtful critic and all-around true friend.
Happy Turkey Day!


2 Responses to “Acknowledgements”

  1. Brian Schnabel Says:

    This is awesome! Wow! I leave for a week to come home and find that the girl’s got it all together at last! Nice work!

    Making an acknowledgements post is a nice touch, too! Flattery will get you everywhere, but truth be told, you did most of it on your own.

    You should be very proud of what you’ve started here. Of course, if you need anymore help on the tech end of things you know where to find me! Cheers!

    • ghostscribe Says:

      Oh, I’m tickled with myself. I’m almost afraid of what will happen when I get my first stranger-comment, I’ll probably go over the moon. And you will likely be hearing from me on the tech side of things, I’ve still got lots to learn! The Ghostess

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