The Dying Art of Letter-Writing: Time for a Revival

Recently, Dear Abby published a letter from a reader who confessed that, while she was very good at texting and e-mailing, she found herself at a loss when it came to writing “real” letters. This struck a chord with many people, I’m sure. In this day and age, we’re accustomed, even urged, to use e-mails, instant messaging and the like to communicate with friends, family, and even companies with whom we do business. There are plenty of advantages to this, of course. Electronic communication is much faster than “snail mail” so that often a problem can be resolved or a decision made within minutes.
But old-fashioned letters have many qualities that are lacking in the e-versions. For example, there’s a certain charm about letters kept in their original envelopes (sometimes with their original stamps) perhaps tied with ribbon and placed in a drawer or special box. Sure, you can keep e-letters, but taking the disk out of a box or clicking on the folder to view othem just doesn’t have the same feel to it. And it can’t be denied that “It’s a rainy day, so let’s take out all Grandma and Grandpa’s old letters and look at them” sounds much more fun than “It’s a rainy day, let’s boot up the PC and look at the saved e-mails Grandma and Grandpa sent back and forth.” No contest, really.
I’ve had a lot of experience with letter-writing. Long ago I acquired the reputation, by accident, of being “a good writer” and ever since, friends and family have come to me for help with their writing chores. I’ve done ’em all: thank-you notes, letters of recommendation for people seeking jobs, complaint, you name it.
So I created this website. I hope to use it to share some of the things I’ve learned about letter-writing and writing in general, and to offer my services “ghosting” things for people who feel awkward or unsure about their own writing skills. I plan to post samples of my writing so readers can get an idea of what kind of work I do. I also may post news stories that catch my eye, interestinf facts, or anything I feel liek spending two cents on.
I may be an experienced writer, but this is my first foray into working with my very own website, so any suggestions, comments and ideas are always welcomed.


2 Responses to “The Dying Art of Letter-Writing: Time for a Revival”

  1. Antoine Says:

    Hoorah! The world has long-awaited a service of this nature! I know the ghostscribe and, folks, I guarantee you will be delighted with the work done here.

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