How to Buy My Book

Buying my book is as simple as dropping me an email at asm1976@comcast.net.

“Odric the Bold” will be $10 a copy, and payment will be via PayPal. I am, of course, the very soul of discretion and PayPal is a very safe, secure payment method.

Of course, you could also buy on Amazon, but I’d rather cut out the middlemen.

It’s Heeere!

Lay-deeze and gentlemen, children of all ages, household and farmyard pets, domestic appliances and little green space visitors! Step right up!
clears throat, speaks at a much more normal volume
Yes, folks, “Fearless Friends” is now officially published and ready for you to purchase. Cute animal story, good-for-you moral, and wonderfully colorful
art (my favorite color of teal being prominent) there’s something for everyone!
If you’re a Goodreads member, contact me through Goodreads! Easy as that!
If you are not a Goodreads member, email me at asm1976@comcast.net to find out how you too can be one of the Cool Kids who buy Aimee’s books!

Coming Soon!

Hello, loyal fans! Yes, it’s been a while, but I do solemnly swear I’ll be updating much more frequently from now on. Right now I’m posting to let you know that my second book is finished and will be available to purchase very, very soon. It’s called “Fearless Friends” and this time it’s lavishly illustrated by the supremely talented and lightning-fast artist Tawn Crosby Shivers! Thank, Tawn! The story is aimed at a slightly younger audience than “Odric the Bold” and is about a dog named Pancho who is afraid of just about everything, and a kitten named Junebug who seems to be afraid of nothing on Earth. Watch this space!


Welcome to the new and (I hope) improved blog!

But what’s going on? Why the new look? What happened? cry the concerned readers, all two of them.

Long and short of it: I am now a published author, and I want to use this blog to promote and publicize my book and the ones I hope will follow it!

The book is called “Odric the Bold.” Odric is a little blind boy who lives in a once-upon-a-time type place called Cranberry Valley. When bad luck and bad weather causes the loss of the village’s blue gourd crop, it looks like Cranberry Valley will have to cancel its popular Blue Gourd Festival. There’s a good chance that wild-growing blue gourds can be found at the top of the High Forest, but CV’s adults all have some excuse or other for not going up there to find out.

Odric impulsively decides to make a solo trip up to the top of the forest to find the gourds, and with the help of a carved wooden map, his own judicious use of his other senses, and the help of some talking animals along the way, (because those are the only kind of animal you meet on such a trip) our hero has every intention of coming home with his pack full of blue gourd goodness.

Will he succeed? What’s it like traveling in the forest without sight? What do skunks really think of us humans?

The only way to find out is to READ THE BOOK!